Capitalize on Your Human Capital

With a new "social business" intranet encourage virtual team-building, empower employee initiative, and leverage social tools.

Intranet and Social Business

Social Business Intranet

Social business means collaboration and virtual teams--a community built around the work your company does everyday. From employee driven forums, virtual project rooms, threaded discussions and shared social profiles, "social" business means empowering employees to contribute, comment and concentrate their focus to make your business...well...better.

Social Intranet: People, Platforms and Process

Develop your intranet with a design in mind that accommodates the needs of your people. Enable virtualization for project teams, vertically aligning team members with business goals and initiatives while encouraging knowledge sharing, idea nurturing and trend sharing horizontally across disciplines and groups.  Whether your social intranet will function as a portal or a fully integrated web application, the intranet can enable efficiency and focus creativity for every employee.

What is the Social Intranet?

  • A social employee profile
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Feeds and activity streams
  • Integration with Outlook, Office, SharePoint, CRM
  • Open/Closed Discussions around topic, team, project and initiatives
  • Increased productivity
  • Idea nuturing
  • Teamwork