Building Online Communities That Grow

We plan, build and support community solutions.

Online Community

Develop User Profiles and Personas

Building an online community requires a deep understanding of your users and their needs. We identify personas and user profiles so your community managers can develop tools and content that better serve them. Develop a unified profile for each member that tracks social sharing, interest and demographic data to provide targeted audiences for your membership campaigns.

Enhance Membership through Social Sharing

A full set of Social tools can allow members and non-members to share and rate content, comment and tweet ongoing discussions and extend your brand outside of your website on a variety of social platforms. Single Sign-on can ease the barriers to member acquisition as well as leverage user data that can be used for instant personalization based on their interests. Developing tools to help users manage their social profiles and their data can encourage social sharing while protecting privacy and ownership. Membership can extend beyond the site and convene around location or industry, leading to offline groups and meetups.

Encourage Community Collaboration and Evolution

Communities can be created but they must evolve. An ecosystem of ideas allows for substantive sharing, forums for reasoned and safe discussion, and the ability for users to collaborate, poll others in the community and pose and answer questions. Developing a community that grows with your membership is key to any successful strategy.