Analytics Should Make Sense Not Work

Track, report and make decisions based on optimized analytics.

Analytics & Reporting

Implement Google Tag Manager and Analytics

We'll make sense of your marketing efforts. Roundedcube will develop an analytics strategy and implement the latest Google Analytics code using Tag Manager which allows for custom tracking that puts your analytics back into the hands of the marketing department and frees up IT resources. With tag manager, marketing can swap out tracking, create rules and test all within the Tag Manager interface. Roundedcube will recommend, implement and explain all the features available.

Track Campaigns, Create Goals and Analyze Funnels

Adwords, banners and email should be tracked from day one of your campaigns. Roundedcube can help configure your analytics to track all your media channels and make sense of this reporting. With up-to-date analytics, we'll optimize your campaigns and analyze them for key learnings.

Optimize Content and Conversion Paths

Our digital marketing specialists can identify the need for more in-depth optimization like A-B testing and user path comparisons by developing and reporting on metrics that matter. We take away the guess work and provide clear recommendations, so you can focus on developing content and converting customers.