Optimizing Your Brand, Not Just Your Website

A holistic approach to social and search engine optimization.

Social & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Geo-Location Services

Keywords are only one part of relevance. Today's searches use location and personal browsing history to determine relevancy and that means making sure your services/product show up for search on the go. Optimizing for location-based searches is a must for successful SEO and Roundedcube can make that happen.

Keywords and Alternate Terminology to Drive Qualified Traffic

Search engines deliver answers to questions. At Roundedcube, we listen to the way people talk about your product and services and then build content that's natural and useful. When is your "widget" really a "whatchamacallit?" When "pop" can drive more traffic than "soda", we make sure it happens.

Sharability. It's a Thing.

As the web has evolved, SEO has needed to adapt to new technologies and a changing landscape. HTML5 has heralded a new era of multi-media and the open internet has given way to walled gardens like Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter. At Roundedcube, we optimize content to increase its sharability and make sure your site gets all the credit.