Persona-Driven Marketing

Customize your customer experience.

User Profiles and Personas

Out of Big Data, Find Big Insights

We look at analytics a little differently at Roundedcube. We start by looking at the aggregate in order to find the specific. We look at traffic reports to find use patterns and segment data collection to qualify leads. For us, analytics is a means to an end: Understanding your customer.

Develop Digital Personas and Content Channel Strategies

Personas help provide insight into customer behavior that pure data never can. We can help by segmenting your audience, analyzing their demographics and profiles, and developing digital personas you can market to and develop content around. Understanding what your audience wants, the information they need and what content is likely to influence them, means you can optimize and curate a more personalized experience.

Use Digital Personas to Help Deliver Optimized Content

Once  personas are built, a marketer can build a campaign around them, crafting message and media to a personality not just a "user". Personalized content conveys, convinces and reinforces brand affinity. Copywriting and persona-driven content provides just the thing to make a decision-point for individual users easier, leading not just to more conversions but greater overall customer satisfaction with your brand. With Digital Marketing Systems like Sitecore's DMS and Kentico's EMS, content can be personalized and tracked on the component level and that means you'll know what works with every element of your web strategy.