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Are you fully leveraging the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform? Is it tuned for proper performance? Has your organization been fully onboarded?

  • Comprehensive Report and Recommendations
  • Improve Performance and Stability
  • Optimize Use of Sitecore Capabilities
  • Increase IT Efficiencies
  • Empower Marketing and Business Users
  • Protect the Platform's Upgrade Path
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Sitecore Audit and Assessment

Far too often we see Sitecore implementations that are not optimizing the investment an organization has made in their CXM/CMS platform. With an enterprise-level system, an enterprise-level approach to system integrations, solution architecture, release management, training and ongoing maintenance is necessary. When that doesn’t happen, an organization’s digital marketing and technology efforts and ultimately return on investment can be severely hampered.

In-Depth Expert Analysis

To correct any problem, first you must clearly and correctly identify the problem. Our expert, senior level Sitecore solution architecture team will conduct discovery and analysis of your business needs and then deep-dive into your entire Sitecore solution and system infrastructure. The result will be a detailed report of the solution’s compliance with best practices, recommendations, and collaborative sessions to explain the implications of the report to you and your team.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our Sitecore Implementation Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your CMS including:

  1. System Infrastructure
  2. Installation and Configuration
  3. Platform Architecture
  4. Feature Enablement
  5. Development Practices
  6. Release Management
  7. Content Management Operations
  8. Website and Solution Performance Analysis
  9. Best Practice Compliance Evaluation
  10. Multiple Recommended Approaches

Success Stories

We’ve salvaged many Sitecore implementations for organizations, having made 180 degree turn-arounds for a world-renowned theme park among many other market verticals. Contact us to learn about some of these stories.

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