Get Your Team All Rowing In The Same Direction

Unleashing a new enterprise CXM such as Sitecore on an organization requires careful change management, training and communication.

Sitecore Training & Onboarding

We understand the critical nature of not only implementing a great platform but also getting organizational buy-in to ensure business user and management satisfaction. This entails not only user training, but also strategic communication and organizational change management steps. Roundedcube can guide large, even global, organizations through this change of on-boarding a new Sitecore platform.

Business User Training

We provide customized training programs for your organizations that can span multiple audiences in various locations and with different roles and purposes. We have conducted on-site Sitecore user training for groups as large as 30 at a time. Our training is specific to the custom-configured and developed website, not just basic concepts and general usage.

Organizational Change Management

We provide consultative change management recommendations to identify your audiences, their needs, and ensure positive 2-way communication to clarify expectations and results. Each organization presents very unique challenges so we first learn the relationships and priorities and design an appropriate approach to enabling and empowering users for a successful implementation.

Help Center for Sitecore

Help Center for Sitecore is a powerful tool that allows you to create a complete website management guide directly inside Sitecore. It enables your users to get immediate access to help information while managing your website.

Help Center for Sitecore